The Turville Parish Council agreed at its meeting on 20 December 2017 to support the setting up of a residents action group with the objective of applying pressure to ensure the current timetable for Superfast Broadband was adhered to by Openreach and ideally accelerated.

It was also agreed that membership and its scope should apply to all users of the Turville Heath exchange rather than be restricted specifically to the Parish.

It was further agreed that in the longer term consideration could be given to widening the scope to cover other infrastructure issues such as mobile access.

Hector Sants was appointed as Chair with Cllr Daniel Wels as the representative of the Turville Parish Council. It was agreed that the group could act with the full support of the Turville Parish Council. The group will, as a resident’s action group, take responsibility for its own decisions but report regularly through Daniel to the Council.

The intention is, subject to numbers, that anyone using the exchange can join the TBAG committee.

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