Meeting – 29th January

A formal meeting of the Turville Broadband Action Group will be held on Monday 29th January at 6pm. Since the creation of the Action Group, it has become clear that the roll out of superfast broadband is progressing faster than the information from ​Connected Counties ( the council sponsored body overseeing the programme[…]

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Northend is Live!

On 5th January, Cabinet 4 (serving Northend) went “live”. This means that anyone connected to Cabinet 4 will be able to order fibre broadband. Available speeds are very much dictated by your distance from the cabinet. See our page explaining Superfast Broadband. If you want to order Superfast Broadband but[…]

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Cabinet 4 (Northend) update

The below email extract was provided by Craig Bower (Programme Director, Better Broadband Oxfordshire), regarding the new cabinet (P4) in Northend. My interpretation is that those people in Northend who are connected to the new cabinet, will be able to order Fibre Broadband from Monday 8th January. Information provided by[…]

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