When will I get Superfast Broadband?

Given the difficulty of undertaking the necessary fibre installation work in rural locations, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to provide an exact date for a particular property or even community. Often, even rough dates are very difficult to ascertain.

Once work has begun on your cabinet, delivery can take anything up to 12-18 months. You can check what stage the delivery is in for your property by using our checker. However, sometimes this is much shorter if some or all of the necessary infrastructure work is already in place due to other local installations.

Connected Counties and Wycombe District Council worked with Openreach to create a phased roll-out plan covering the whole of the Hambledon Valley. Cllr Daniel Wels (Turville Parish Council) is able to provide you with the proposed date for your postcode, if you are in Turville Parish or Hambleden Parish. However, this plan was created some time ago and has already been show not to reflect accurately the the work that is actually being undertaken by Openreach.

There is, in short, no way of providing a date until the necessary work is nearing completion.